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Membership Care Ministries
Be shepherds of the church of God (As leaders of this body of believers) under the leadership and direction of the Pastor of our church.

Deacon Ministry (Pastor Appointed)
Deacons assist the Pastor in the performance of their duties and ministry to the needs of believers through prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit by: helping to administer the two ordinances of the church--the Lord's Supper and Baptism; leading the worship service devotion; serving the membership and support the efforts of the Pastor; providing spiritual support to members during periods of bereavement, sickness, and hospitalization.

Deaconess (Pastor Appointed)
Deaconess give support to the Pastor and the Deacons Ministry in carrying out duties in relationship to increasing the level of spirituality of the congregation, improvement of worship, expansion of Christian service and promotion of the general welfare of the church, they actively participate in worship, prayer services, bible study, evangelism projects, and any other opportunity that develops the spiritual life of the church.

Trustees (Pastor Appointed)
The Trustee Ministry oversees all of the church's financial matters. Trustees are responsible for providing the maintenance of the church building and property.

Mothers Ministry (Pastor Appointed)
This ministry was formed for seasoned saints who serve as nurturers and surrogate mothers throughout the body of Christ.

Worship Ministries Group
Evangelism Ministry

The goal of this ministry is the seeking of lost souls for Jesus to save. To reach this goal, they will be responsible for recruitment and development of teams to hold conferences and events that allows the Word to be distributed to the lost.

Usher Ministry

The Usher Ministries (Youth and Adults) of True Bethel often work as one. This ministry assists visitors with seating and stand ready at the doors and various strategic locations during the services. They assist in the collection of our tithes and offering and are there to assist the congregation whenever a need arises.

The Hospitality/Greeters Ministry
This ministry is responsible for the welcoming of all visitors and guests for Sunday morning worship services and at other special events. They are also responsible for assisting with information and other church related events.

Nurses Ministry
The Nurses' Ministry was established to help with the needs of the Pastor and congregation. The nurses are available to assist with first aid emergencies that occur in service. They also educate the church family in health related issues with information regarding the prevention of illness and diseases.

Music Ministry
True Bethel's Music Ministry consists of six groups: The Voices of Angels (ages 4-10) Nu Revelation (Youth and Young Adults), United Voices of Praise, Power of Praise (The Men's Choir), Keepers of the Gate (Women's Choir), and the Praise and Worship Teams. Various directors and musicians aid the ministry. There is room for everyone in any of the True Bethel Choirs. Voices and musicians are always welcome to become a part of the Music Department.

Praise Dance Team
Members offer their talents to serve and be used by ministries for events with the church as well as for local outreach presentations. Praise Dancers are: David Dancers (Children), R.A.P (Radical Anointed Praise-Youth & Young Adults) and Order My Steps (Women Dancers).

Audio/Video Ministry (Media Ministry)
This ministry is responsible for the church sound, video and lighting systems. Setting up equipment and maintenance is a very important part of this ministry. Along with the operation of the sound system during regular services, there are special events such as revivals, weddings, rehearsals, concerts and special programs. This ministry is also responsible to record worship services and make duplications. It maintains an audio and video library to assist other outreach ministries.

Bible Academy (Click to go to Bible Academy Page)
Our Pastor and ministry staff teaches Bible Study. Divided into various groups of interests and also divided by age for the younger students.

Prayer Ministry
Designed to offer up intercessory prayer for the Body of Christ. Regular prayer vigils are held on behalf of the church.

Drama Ministry
This ministry prepares and presents dramas and skits to be used in Worship Services and on special occasions. Includes those interested in acting, directing, working on set construction, props, costumes, lighting, etc.

Men's Council
The vision of the Men's Ministry of True Bethel is to see each man further his own personal relationship with Jesus Christ and become the man of integrity that God created him to be. We are dedicated to building a great church by building great men.

Lydia Ministry (Women's Ministry)
The Lydia (Women's Ministry) was developed to meet the spiritual needs and enhance the natural needs of the women of the church. It is our prayer that all women at True Bethel will become active participants and willingly share the gifts and talents that God has given them with other women.

Youth Warriors for Christ
The Youth Department caters to the needs of our youth ages 19 and under. Our mission is to excite our youth to worship God by creating an atmosphere that provides spiritual maturity and Christian fellowship.

Children's Ministry
The Children's Ministry's is for children ages 4-12. In addition, we have Children's Church, which is a training ground for the young to people to learn how church service is run. It runs alongside our 9:00 a.m. We emphasize the learning of the Holy Bible, as it is taught by a staff interested in the spiritual growth of our children teaches Children's Church.

Singles Ministry
The Singles' Ministry deals with the merit, and requirements for successful Bible based single living. The class brings men; women and young adult divorced Christians together in the earnest pursuit of God's will for our lives as singles. Instruction of Godly living is emphasized. There are outings planned as fellowship for the participants.

Food Pantry
This ministry strives to furnish food for the sick, bereaved, shut-ins, or for other special requests. They assist people of the community and in our congregation in need of food, and refer people to organizations that can help with employment, financial, and other types of counseling.

Transportation Ministry
This ministry will seek to provide for the transportation needs of the congregation. This ministry is responsible for training drivers when needed, maintenance of vehicles and keeping up-to-date records on all vehicles. This ministry will also establish policies for usage and monitor insurance needs.

Taste of Faith Kitchen: Serving those in need of physical food by providing summertime lunch in the sun, holiday baskets and emergency food assistance when needed. Hours of operation, Tuesday -Friday between 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. Please call the church office at 895-8222. ext. 10.

Clothes Closet: 1288 Fillmore (between Riley and Girard Streets on the East Side of Buffalo) Providing gently used and new clothes to men, women and children of all ages. Donations accepted by contacting the staff at 893-9738. Hours of operation every Wednesday 10 A.M. - 2 P.M. Every 3rd Saturday of the month 10 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.

Nehemiah Arms: transitional housing available for families in need. Please call the church office if this ministry may help you or someone you know. (Accepting donations of towels, sheets, dishes etc,)

Church Store: Located at 907 East Ferry Street. Provides bibles, ministry supplies and personal care item. Open to the public.

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